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Big Brother Italy

Wall of Keys

The Rules

I borrowed this basic rule format from the kick-ass game BBO: 4
1. Adam RAWKS
2. The staff (host(s), crew, etc) must be respected at all times.
No Offensive Behavior.  No slander, bashing, or behavior deemed to be offensive toward any one involved in the game at any time.
4. If you do not vote in an eviction, your vote will be void and you give up your right to vote in the following week's eviction.

5. If the current HoH does not render their nominees by the deadline, they will forfeit the title of HOH and the runner up will take the crown.
. All decisions by the host(s) are final.
. Cheating is not tolerated.  If you are caught cheating at any time, you will be immediately evicted from the game.
8. The staff may amend these rules at any time without any prior notice.
. You must be willing to participate 100% if you are accepted in to the game.  Of course, we all know that RL comes first.  If you have a prior commitment, please let us know so we can work around that.
10.  Any one who is late for a challenge (ie challenge is at 9 and you show up at 9:03) will not be allowed to participate in the challenge.  This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
11. The house (website) is for current houseguests only.  Do not give out the URL to anyone who is not a current houseguest.
12.  I will try to make most ceremonies--nomination, veto, and eviction--live.  If you're unable to make a ceremony, and your decision has an affect on the ceremony, you must email your decision prior to the ceremony.
13By accepting the invitation into the game, you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines.
14.  This game is not the CBS game, and it's not any other game you may have played.  It's format won't follow that of the show, and you shouldn't expect it to.  You have been warned. ^_^